Main objectives of DECORE

1. complete electro-oxidation of ethanol (EOR) to CO2 at intermediate-T (150-200 °C)

2. development of innovative TiOxCy and MCx (M= Mo, W) supports specifically tailored to avoid degradation of the active catalyst and corrosion of the support at intermediate-T, and having sufficient electrical conductivity and porosity

3. development of precious metal-free anode catalysts based on group 6 metal carbides (MCx, M=Mo,W)

4. characterization of response of the all-in-one MCx and of the MCx/TiOxCy assembly to the temperature and electrochemical environment

5. laboratory-scale validation of the catalyst/support assembly compared to state-of-the-art benchmarks

6. development of tools for determining the electrochemical activity at intermediate-T in half-cells designed for kinetic studies

7. mechanistic studies of the electro-oxidation of EOH to CO2

8. tests of durability and efficiency using industrial standards

9. development and tests of a bench-top single DEFC operating at intermediate-T